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Every so often my intellectual exercises come close to art.  If turning a inspirational piece of geometrical reasoning into a fancy drawing only takes some extra shading, I’ll do it!  If turning a beautiful physics experiment into something you could hang in your living room requires switching up the pens here and there, I’ll do that too!  But I would not call myself an artist
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Publication of my art:
The photo of the glory above right was displayed in "the atmosphere exposed" exhibit at the Boyden Gallery, St. Mary's College of Maryland. June 12-September 30, 2010 and will be displayed at the NSF from Jan-March 2012. See a photo of the NSF display here.

The book Art and Science of Spirals, includes a drawing from my harmonograph. September 2009.

I love ropes, knots and their many applications.  So much so in fact that it gets its own page on my site.  Ask me how ropes are made.

Some ways I use/have-used ropes:



I used to say that I can't really play the guitar, or piano . . . but I can fake it if there are no real musicians around. I still fake the piano but I have since gotten much better at guitar.

My mother taught me to play my hands like a flute. Ask me to play a song and I'll show you.

I can also play a few notes or whistles on basically any thin pipe. A few examples: PVC piping, soda cans, ziti and almost every single part of a pen.


  • Here I am juggling hammers.  I don't usually do this while playing guitar.  I juggled fire once with my friends pins. (I also know a few tricks)

  • Years of practice has made me quite an expert at rolling-up/stuffing sleeping bags very tightly.
  • Bonfires are a hobby of mine.
  • I know how to ride a bike which is pretty useful for getting around Boston.
  • Check out Pastimes for some things loosely defined as talents.

    This is a gigantic Hershey kiss next to the locomotive.


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