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  • Bias Reduction in Statistical Analyses of Incomplete Data Sets, ISDS December 2012
  • Performance Measures for Improved Submarine Decision Making, March 2012
  • Exploring human error in an RPA target detection task, HFES September 2012
  • Calibrating Interpersonal Trust in Networked Teams, the American Psychological Association, APA August 2012.

  • An English literature professor is applying my Googlewhack research to Google books in order to find out if Ahab was related to slavery around the time Moby Dick was published.

  • Frequency content of the retinal stimulus during active fixation,2010 Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting
    Jonathan Lansey, Martina Poletti, and Michele Rucci
    Please take a look at the actual poster pdf here. The theory behind it is from my professor Michele Rucci in the Active Perception Lab.

  • Internet Search Result Probabilities,Heaps’ law and Word Associativity
    The paper (pdf) written with Dr. Bruce Bukiet has been published in The Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 2009, Volume 16, Number 1, pp. 40–66.

    I also presented a poster (pdf) at the NJIT Applied and Computational Mathematics Conference(May 15-16 2006). The poster at the conference is show in the photo to the right. My abstract is online here.
  • Googlewhacks for Fun and Profit, Heaps' Law and Search Engine Index Size
    I gave a Tech Talk to Google New York on this topic on May 22 2008. A complete video of this talk is up on youtube here.
  • The Free-for-All Effect:
    A Mechanism for Drastically Fluctuating Rates of Evolution
    In the summers of 2006 and 2007  I worked with Chris Adami at the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont CA. My research regarding computational evolution used the software Avida. We are collaborating with Rich Lenski's lab in Michigan.
  • Mathematical Ecology
    In the summer of 2005 I participated in a Math Biology Training Program UBMTP, I gave a short talk on my work at an Mathematical Biology Seminar in January. We displayed a poster (PPT) at the annual meeting of The Ecological Society of America. My partner and I have also drafted a paper but I do not expect it to be published.


  • My picture of a grave in a parking lot was included in the book rethinking a lot.
  • The Art and Science of Spirals (Book)
    A Barnes and Nobles book by Victor Dorff includes a copy of a drawing made by my oscilloscope (at right). The book is cheap and it includes a spirograph set, see it here.
  • I organized the development of a certain website.  It got over 150,000 page-views from 172 countries in only the first two months after release as well as significant media attention. Many thoughts were provoked.
  • My trick to get the most out of your toothpaste was linked by lifehacker ... which makes me ... famous?
  • Ringed glint photo became the optics picture of the day here.
  • Driven by Compression Progress: A Simple Principle Explains ... Subjective Beauty, Novelty etc. 2009- I am aknowledged in a book chapter by Jürgen Schmidhuber,  Surprise etc. Springer. He made a small change to equation (1) that I suggested equation. See it here.

  • Photo of a glory over texas (seen in the following places)
  • The photo was first published on Les Cowley's atmosphere optics page here after I submitted it.
  • It was then published in the physics journal of the Roland Eötvös Physical Society of Budpaest, regarding a paper on rainbows.  As it happens, the journal is entirely in Hungarian, you can see my photo on the back cover of the journal below.  Prof. Jozsef Cserti saw my photo on  where the glory phenomenon is explained.
  • Displayed in "the atmosphere exposed" exhibit at the Boyden Gallery, St. Mary's College of Maryland. June 12-September 30, 2010
  • The entire Atmosphere exposed exhibit was on display at the National Science Foundation from January to March 2012. See a photo of the display here.
 art gallery glory

I've written some Op-Eds poems and Comics for my various school's newspapers, literary journals and websites, I might put a comic up sometime.

Some topics with potential:

  • Creating the most beautiful piece of art using evolutionary methods and the Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • I drafted a paper based on my work in the AP-Lab. I hope that it will be published eventually
  • I have a creative way of looking at differential calculus- and a pipe dream to publish it.  Don't hold your breath.


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