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I like taking pictures so there aren't too many of me.  A few show interesting scientific phenomena.

Most of my more recent pictures link to more photos on my shared blog. But there are still some pictures below from when I didn't have a blog. I also have a rather inactive youtube account although one video of mine has over 200 thousand views.

Click on the pictures below to see my pictures from that area



See all my England blog posts and pictures here.

See my photos from my summer 2006 in and around California.

See more pictures from France here.

Pictures from Zurich and Amsterdam.

See more pictures from Egypt and Wikimania, here-1 and even more here-2.


See my No Hot Ashes Flickr Group.

The Paternoster in the Attenborough Tower of the University of Leicester  

Fun with a View Camera

A demonstration of the neat Focusing abilities of a modern View Camera

Fun with my camera tripod, Pictures with me in it.

I Went on Relief Mission to New Orleans on Winter Break 05-06
Click here for a giant photo album


Short Analyses of some of some cool photos



Less-Scientific Pictures I've taken.


"Album" from Winter 2005


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