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The Internet is a wonderful thing.

Links make the Internet what it is, so here are links to sites that I think Give a great name to the World Wide Web.  (they will open in new windows)
My Brother Eli's Website

Find most up to date info about me here:
Lansey Brothers Blog
My blog-musings here

Mathworks is great, see my author page on MatlabCentral

I have started Google Plussing

Try their calculator here.
We all know this encyclopedia. I've been a good citizen and put my two cents into a few articles, see my contributions here.
I work at Aptima as a research scientist, applied mathematics.
GraphCalc. This small program has a large place in my heart*. It is an extremely user friendly graphing calculator that is completely free. It has the power to do 3D graphing (both Cartesian and Cylidrical) and can also do any conversion.

*Note online disinhibition effect.

My microwave cookbook, very handy.
The College Dorm Microwave Cookbook

Boston University Logo
I have a MA degree in Cognitive and Neural Systems from BU.

Symbolic Integration faster than you can Google "Integral"
Provided by Wolfram

I have and Applied Mathematics BS degree from NJIT.
This site used to be better before it became profitable.  All of the older articles and animations are still available./td>
A wonderful resource, full of perfect Java scripts.


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